Felicity Chappel ~  Silversmith

She has always maintained her passion for the medium and the desire to manipulate silver to create wearable art – body adornment.

After resigning from teaching Horticulture, Felicity is fulfilling her ambition of working with silver and now works in her studio at Invergowrie hand forging silver. She is inspired by the surrounding bushland and the environment to create contemporary pieces of jewellery.

Her latest work, “Nesting etal” is a series of hand-wrought sterling silver bracelets and rings designed from and inspired by birds’ nests, where each silver wire is worked to resemble the intricate weaves of grasses the bird has woven.

Felicity is now working on a combination of elements, utilising her recycled handmade paper and sterling silver to create earrings and bracelets - where Arlie allows it!

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