It is my turn now to offer ideas.  Through this Ezine I hope parents, carers, family members and all who love children and are involved with their welfare, will find ideas and encouragement for helping our kids.

My name is Helen Evans and I am committed to  children. I have tons of experience in early childhood education.  I am a former pre-school director in Armidale, northern N.S.W., Australia, and have taught Child Studies at the New England College of TAFE.  I have also worked with children in an early intervention program.

My particular interest is in language development and in helping children to learn through stories.  Currently I work as a storyteller, visiting local early childhood centres every week.  This contact with children and staff in the centres keeps me up to date with trends in education. I have regular contact with my grandchildren and an extended family with children ranging from babies to teens.

Helen Evans ~ Writer

Books serve many purposes for many people. They record our history, our mistakes, our triumphs. 
They stimulate our imagination and motivate us to go forward in our lives. They help us to be creative.
A bookshop and a library are my delight. There, in words and pictures, I can discover the world as writers have recorded it.
Books are my cherished companions.  
From a book I know I can find
Books are fascinating and that is why I became a writer.


Helen Evans ~ Story Teller

I have been a storyteller for longer than I have been a writer. I tell stories to pre-school children at the child care centres in and near Armidale almost every day.