The Store with Nat & Barney

Nat & Barney bought the store in July 2005. They both had been working a couple of jobs each, so working for themselves seemed like a good idea.

They also have the Australia Postal delivery contract for Invergowrie, which Nat's Mum Rosslyn helps out with 5 days a week

They have renovated and added many new things since purchasing the store, such an espresso machine, a range of stock/poultry feeds, we're now Elgas distributors for the local area, their outdoor covered eating area i"s very popular, and most recently and also most successful are our Pizza nights, held Thursday to Sunday. The pizzas are all handmade on the premises.

The only thing we have yet to complete is the on-license, which is in the pipeline

Barney would love to get back into horse racing/ training as it runs in the family blood - his brother Robert Knight being one of the local trainers and brother-in-law Geoffrey Snowden one of the local jockeys. We have a couple of horses - one at Grafton and a 2 year old with Gary Portelli at Warwick Farm, who we are hoping will run in the Slipper (fingers crossed).

Our store totally relies on the local community, which we appreciate immensely. Every Christmas we hold a party for the local families to say, "Thanks". This way we can give a little bit back for their support throughout the year.

It's so nice to know your customers by their first name; we are all one big happy family out here at Invergowrie.